Sunday, September 10, 2006

Offer a Hug to Jesus Now!

Do you feel like you should be offering more love to Jesus? What about giving him a big hug? Well, you can't do that of course, but WE can!

My Hug for Jesus is offering you a Jesus hugging service. It's new, it's fun, and it's the opportunity to express all the love you have for the christ!

You may still be asking yourself «Why should I offer a hug to Jesus?».
Jesus needs to feel that you love him a lot, otherwise, he might make you feel unhappy and give you diseases. Don't miss your chance to tell Jesus «Hey, I love you a lot!» by offering him a big hug. You will feel secure, happy, and Jesus will reward you.

To order your hug, you have to make a donation of 2$CAD or more using the paypal button below. As a bonus, we will send you a free «I gave a hug to Jesus» certificate with your name on it. The certificate will be sent by email.